Have any of you noticed how “chocolate chips” look nothing like chocolate chips. They’re more like swirly chocolate drops. Disappointment.

But wouldn’t that be cool? To have a chip… made out of chocolate? That you could scoop other awesome stuff into? Of course it’d be cool. It’s like a choco-chip.

 Oh wait but now you must be shaking your head at me saying JULIA! What in the world are you thinking? I had just stopped thinking about chocolate trying to get fit and now you’re making me crave that godly deliciousness again! I’m not emotionally ready yet to handle resisting chocolate!

So don’t. Just make these delightful fit approved (yes.) choco-chips.


-1 tsp. coconut oil (extra virgin unrefined cold expeller pressed)

-1 tbsp. cocoa/cacao powder (unsweetened)


Melt the coconut oil in the microwave (it should take around 20 seconds), and stir in the cocoa powder. Then simply spoon a bit onto wax paper or aluminum foil. It will spread out a bit, so you can just make little drops with your spoon and they’ll even out into chip form by themselves. If you like, you can find some ice-cube molds and very thinly line the bottom of those with your mixture! Go crazy! It’s choco-chip-crazy!

Make sure to layer some good sweet stuff and we’re in business. The tiny thing is, these choco-chips aren’t actually sweet by themselves, but if you add some smoothie (either scoop it in or place the chips on top), my fit jam (, or even some dried fruits for a power snack, you get chocolate AMAZINGNESS. Sweet. Melt in your mouth. Buttery. Goodness.

Don’t suffer from excessive-chocolate-love syndrome anymore. Indulge fit foodie style.

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