Layers! Like cake… but better

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Welcome to the ultimate guide on life.

Ok, welcome to the ultimate guide to breakfast… same thing.

You start with the stuff that’s good for you… and then basically pile on the stuff that is just. plain. good until you can’t see anything past fruit, nuts, coconut, and chocolate. Did I say chocolate? I said chocolate.

If you haven’t guessed it by now, we’re talking about oats. Even better- overnight oats! How awesome is it to have your breakfast ready in the fridge looking all beautiful and friendly? It’s like a guaranteed smile back at you when nothing else in the morning is going right… aw, Julia getting sentimental about food… yes. Foodie-ing is like another emotional sense. (Maybe after you make this recipe you’ll share a tear of joy with me.)

The idea with oats is simple. First, forget everything you know about them because chances are the memories aren’t too good. Then, get yourself a nice pack of dry rolled oats, no “quick” stuff (plot twist: it’s not quick, and it’s not good). You soak them with equal parts oats to liquid overnight and voila! Then you get to go crazy with toppings. (Keep chocolate in mind, because I have a secret for you.)

Now my problem for the longest time was this: ok, oats are great and everything but I have the biggest sweet tooth! So I can call oats healthy even if I dump in about 5 tablespoons of sugar…and then drizzle with maple syrup…and so then why not add a dollop of honey too…right..? But then I was enlightened by the banana. By just mashing in one banana into your oats, I promise it’ll replace any sweetener…it actually. tastes. good! I still can’t get over it. (P.S. if you’re still attached to adding honey or agave, I’ll let you go this time…but I would watch your back if I were you).

Before I rant on, let’s get you going!

The Oat Base


-1/2 cup dry rolled oats

-1/2 cup liquid (almond milk is my favorite, water, milk, whatever you like)

-1 small banana (overripe will give an even sweeter taste)


Combine the oats and liquid in a bowl and let it rest overnight in the refrigerator. Next morning, simply mash a banana with a fork (it doesn’t have to be perfect) and mix it in with the oats.

It’s as simple as that! Now just add your toppings and you’re set to splurge and instagram your #fitteenfoodie breakfast πŸ™‚

The Absolute Best Part- Toppings!!!

The trick here is adding what you truly LOVE, don’t feel like you need to add all these!

Jam! Yes, I said it: jam. Aha, but not just any, check out for 3 ingredient raw crazy healthy but even more crazy delicious fit foodie jam.

Better than chocolate- cacao nibs. You can eat cacao nibs every day 3 times a day for all I care. It’s the legit stuff. To make chocolate, they take these nibs that are super good for you (magnesium, feel-good minerals, healthy fats) and add in the boo-ingredients (butter, sugar… say no more). But look! If you add fruit, you get sugar from there! Or add honey instead for all I care, but cacao nibs are really a game changer. (You can buy them in Safeway, Wholefoods, online at amazon, and even most local stores.)

Fruit! Raspberries, blueberries, peaches, bananas, cherries, papaya, blackberries, nectarines, apricots, mangoes, oh my!

Nuts/Seeds: pecans, walnuts, almonds, cashews, brazil nuts, pistachios, hazelnuts, macadamias, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, pinenuts, pumpkin seeds, and more! Quick tip: get them raw! You’ll save hundreds of calories a day, and surprisingly, they actually taste so much better that way!

Superfood Bonuses: Ah, I see you’re getting ahead of the game and becoming a top tier fit foodie. For extra health fiber omega-3 kicks add chia seeds, flaxseeds, coconut, goji berries, mulberries, etc. Let me know if you guys want a feature on the best superfoods out there!

More Chocolate! I’m a girl. I love chocolate. That should already be implied. Anyways, when you’re craving rich chocolatey goodness (so all the time), add a spoonful of ground cacao powder to your oat mixture and boom! Homemade heaven! Hint: you can also use cocoa powder, there’s not much difference, just make sure it doesn’t have any added sugars.

If you’re still reading, I now pronounce you as “elite fit foodie breakfaster”. With your new boosted ego, I’m sure you can take down the next level: layering.

After you take out your oats in the morning, find another bowl and get excited. Drop a few spoonfuls of oats into the bottom to cover it. Then add fruit, cacao, or whatever toppings you’d like. Then add in oats. Then love. Strawberries and coconut are synonymous. And keep the layering game going! Congrats, you’re an elite master now.

Last thing, I promise. Feeling uninspired? Or lost? I know the feeling. Luckily, these past few months in my moments of consciousness I’ve come up with some awesome topping combinations that I encourage you to steal. Try this at home kids.

  • Berry Pun-y: strawberries/blueberries/raspberries, coconut, cacao, pecans
  • Peachy Ke… no I won’t go there: peaches, macadamias (chop em), blueberries
  • Choco-Nut: cacao nibs/powder, banana, almonds/peanuts/cashews
  • Tropical: papaya/mango, blackberries, macadamias, coconut, pinenuts

Layer your oats. Not cake.

Second plot-twist: I’ll actually have a fitteenfoodie approved cake recipe up soon. Woah, it just got real.

Until then.

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  1. Amira says:

    Yes, I like it, totally healthy ingredients!

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  2. Yum! Loving it πŸ™‚

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  3. 1partingredient9partslove says:

    Oh my!…looks so delicious…

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    1. Thank you so much! 😊 Oh it is πŸ˜‹


  4. Reblogged this on Write Light and commented:
    Sounds so good, I think I’ll try it tonight so it’ll be there for breakfast. πŸ™‚

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    1. Thank you! That sounds awesome, let me know how it goes! πŸ’™


      1. I will! I thought I’d try your oatmeal in the fridge overnight and then add layers. I’m out of whole grain oatmeal. I’ll have to go to the store. πŸ™‚

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      2. Definitely! That sounds fantastic πŸ˜‹


      3. One person likes your post already. Maybe she’ll visit your site.

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      4. Aw thank you ☺️😘


  5. Woot woot I am gonna print this and make my mom do this for breakfast tomorrow, luv thisss thank you so much..she will definitely happy not to cook heavy breakfast tomorrow, this is easy ….again thank you Lan

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    1. Aw haha that sounds wonderful! Thank you πŸ’™

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