Grocery Adventures

Some people play video games. Others read, or write, or draw. I shop. Clothing, shoes, jewelry… Well ok those too, but my real skills shine through hardcore grocery shopping. Don’t laugh. This is no game for the squeamish.

On my latest expedition I was pleasantly surprised to stumble across a new find for you guys! In case you haven’t come to realize it yet, cauliflower is (gasp) a glorious vegetable that when cooked right blows potatoes and other starches for that matter right out of the water. In fact, you can make mock rice out of it too! Now I’m not going to preach to you how it actually tastes like rice… because it doesn’t. But mixed with some awesome sauce (I recommend The Cultured Kitchen Cashew Cheese… other non-dairy cheeses are not foodie approved so dare at your own risk) you get this creamy, pasta-like, hot bowl of goodness that you must try before you die. I swear, after I figured out this trick, I ate cauliflower two times a day for two weeks straight.

But the problem? I didn’t particularly enjoy going to battle with a whole head of cauliflower to try and process the whole thing to the “rice” texture. But score! Trader Joe’s just released this new product “Riced Cauliflower” that boosts you to the fun part: eating. I’ll post some more recipes soon (so let me know if you’re interested and follow my blog) but the basic dealio is this:

You can use either the microwave or stovetop for this. Dump in as much cauli into your bowl/pan as you want and fill it with some water just to cover it. Cook it for 1-2 minutes in the microwave or 5-6 on the stove. Basically, it might take a few tries to get it how you like but cook until tender and soft. Strain out the water and add in the good stuff! Some salt, herbs, Cultured Kitchen’s cashew cheese (ooh by the way herb is the best), and whatever your heart desires! Check out for a buttery (yet raw woah) sauce that just goes perfect with this!

Warm, comforting, creamy goodness that leaves you a feeling in your stomach like you’re getting a hug from the inside… Friends, socializing, teen-ing… Pshht! I’ve got me some cauliflower.

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  1. Oliwia says:

    Interesting… I ´ve never seen a riced cauliflower🙀😄


  2. Anonymous says:

    Looking forward to those recipes! Sounds delicious

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  3. Amber says:

    I never really liked cauliflower, but now I have two recipes to try out, sound super fun to make and definitely eat. Write on Julia! I’m really looking forward to more recipes!

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    1. Thanks Amber! 💗 Not cauliflower and not sure if I’ll do a whole post ☺️, but while they’re in season, highly recommend oven roasted figs! Just heavenly with balsamic reduction (boil balsamic until thick). Do be careful with watching the balsamic, I’ve transformed a few pots into lava rock that way XD


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